Social media recruiting? This is what the new trend in online recruiting brings!

Social media has long since penetrated all areas. So what could be better suited than to use channels in the social networks for personnel recruitment? This is exactly what social recruiting does.

Social recruiting in recruitment

What is social recruiting actually? First and foremost, it is a new form of recruitment. It is not for nothing that social media recruiting is often associated with social media channels. By definition, social recruiting involves the intentional use of social media to find the right employee. In addition, social recruiting is synonymous with social media recruiting or social hiring.

Social hiring can use a variety of methods. Essentially, there are two forms:

1. active procurement (active sourcing)

This refers to the proactive procurement of potential applicants. For this purpose, data of the candidates must be made available, which can be retrieved from the user profile. In Active Sourcing, the HR manager identifies potential employees beforehand on his own and decides whether they are suitable for the job. Platforms and channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube and Xing are particularly suitable for active sourcing. Since applicants can approach interesting employers themselves or recommend job ads to acquaintances, this form of social recruiting is also known as social distribution.

2. the Internet sourcing (Internet Sourcing)

Here, the company accesses user data with profile data from social networks and places corresponding banner ads. These banner ads then also hit people who are not actively searching but theoretically belong to the target group. For this reason, Internet sourcing is also referred to as social profiling.

Important characteristics of social recruitment

Who doesn't share personal information on a social network these days? In fact, the generation of digital natives, so interesting for the company, represents at least one of the above platforms, even several channels. The main goal with all channels is to distinguish themselves as attractive applicants or employers on the job market.

At the same time, the recruitment of new employees takes place via social accounts, which primarily serve private purposes. This promotes the human aspects of social recruiting. Part of this relaxed approach is due to the fact that companies are only gradually discovering the possibilities of social media hiring - otherwise, users would tend to keep to themselves. More and more recruiters are now realizing that they can also share job ads on social networks for free.

What is important in social recruiting?

The active and quick interaction of social media channels is particularly important. To be able to present their company as an attractive employer, employees must be interested in the topic of social media and know how to relate the ease of social networks to the value of your employer brand.

For whom is social hiring suitable?

Social media recruiting works for companies of any size. However, the right communication strategy is crucial here. International companies score with different arguments than the local butcher. The local butcher with a small team, for example, offers security and a family atmosphere, while international companies can score points with a lot of responsibility and business trips.

What is the cost of social recruitment compared to the traditional option?

The cost of social media recruiting is only a fraction of the usual recruiting costs. Sometimes a video of the boss going through the entire production process and introducing the employees is enough. A variety of creative formats can relay the good atmosphere of the company. Subsequently, these posts can also be promoted as a mini-series with little money and convincing community management.

How fast is social recruitment?

Experience shows that applicants act more quickly when they see a job offer on social media. In many companies that rely on social hiring, the first application arrives after just one hour.


Social media recruiting forms the future of personnel recruitment and can effectively prevent the shortage of skilled workers. Alongside online job ads and company career pages, social hiring is at the top of the list of the most popular recruiting campaigns in German-speaking countries. Social media recruiting blurs the line between personal and professional, which can increase loyalty to employers in the long run. Thus, social media recruiting is becoming a modern way in HR to find the right employees faster and recruit them in a targeted manner.

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